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Benefits of using our products

Profit is much easier!

Start small grow big. Our tool will help you to take those first important small success steps!

Higher success ratio!

Our market analysis tool will help you to make better choices! Increase your success ratio!

Stress free!

Find your strategy with our live market simulation. Learn your way without any risk!

No deposits needed!

You don't need to deposit anything. Start free with no risk at all!

Get the most with our automated Trailing stop lose algorythm

We offer to our users 3 main trailing stop lose algorythms that can increase the overall success ratio. These backtested trailing stop lose algorythms have been created specialy for 3 types of tradings.

1. Quick take profits low risk high frequancy trades.
2. Medium targets with small targets.
3. Large targets higher reward per trade.

Quick and easy trade overview

Don't calculate how much procents you have made so far. Our tool will give instant profit procentage for each deal in real time to see. Here trading is made easy!

About us

Our trading tool is specialy designed for people who look for simplicity, speed, and easy to use. We are a group experienced developers, experienced traders who seek to create a quality, user friendly tool to help people like you to benefit more, save time, and most of all reduce risk and increase success!

It took more than 2 years to develop, test and publish the first Pre Lease version of our product. System performace is impressive! It can handle more than 4 million trades a second! That's more than a human will manage to do in his entire lifetime!
We seek to improve!   We seek to fulfill!   We seek to make it more usable!

Roadmap - Best is yet to come!

1. Set up test enviroment

2. Heavy duty load testing

3. Launch PreLease Beta trading platform.

4. Market analysis tools

5. Trailing stop loss system

6. Easy to use trade management

7. Full market backtesting release

8. Market condition notification alerts

9. AI generated trading signals

10. Community forums

11. Automated algorithmic trading

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